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SECRETS of Affiliate Marketing REVEALED
Nov. 2nd 2019
The idea of making a decent income online from the comfort of your own home office sounds pretty good, doesn’t it.  I know you have seen dozens, if not hundreds of websites and programs, that make it seem like all it takes is a few mouse click here and a few more there and, BAM! the sales start rolling in while you sleep.

I know from personal experience.  I have paid thousands of dollars over the years for multiple programs all of which promised to teach me how to make unlimited dollars with online marketing.  They all show me their mansions, their cars, their boats, their vacation villas over crystal clear blue waters in the Caribbean.  They say buy my program and you will be able to retire in no time.  They say you need no experience.  They say focus solely on my program to succeed, but then send you endless emails and webinar invites for every other program under the sun that are nothing more than revenue streams for them and success impeding distractions for you. 

And then when you finally purchase a program, and you are very excited and motivated because the sales material made it look like it the program had been well planned, organized to a “T”, written and presented by a creature so perfect they are not of this earth.  Upon logging into the members area, you realize that it’s not what you had expected; there is no structure to follow, no simple plan, no one you can ask questions to and all of the content is poorly written and confusing.  Worse yet, after two to five years in the program, nothing changes.  We all know internet marketing changes, so why doesn’t the program?

Man, I really could go on, and on.  Ok, well, one more pet peeve.  They guarantee their program for X number of days, and you will get all of your money back if you don’t like the program.  Only to find out, surprise, you didn’t read the fine print, did you.  And it’s too late to get your hard earned money back, too bad.  

It is extremely, pull your hair out, throw your mouse across the room, frustrating!

So Frusterated

I have learned that there are a few simple truths you need to understand if you want to be an online marketer or affiliate marketer. 
  • You must be focused
  • ​You must be patient
  • ​You must be willing to keep pushing ahead when initial speedbumps slow you down
  • You must spend money to make money
  • ​You must find a mentor that will show you the trail already blazed
  • You must trust the process
The first three are self-explanatory and nobody but you can know if you have the personality traits to make it all work.  Sometimes loved ones and friends can help you push through when you have week moments.  Perhaps online forums can give you the support you need to continue when doubts creep in, and they will.  I know you can succeed because I succeeded.  Think right now about why you are doing this, why do you want to have an online business.  This is very important and the reason will keep you motivated. 
Do you want to quit your 9-5 job and be your own boss?  

Do you just want to supplement your job income with additional income because as we all know retirement isn’t as far off as it seems.  

Do you want more control over your income, and to stop trading hours for dollars?  

Everybody has their reason.  Know yours.

Let’s say you are considering starting a brick and mortar business, it could be a small shop, local restaurant, or even a chain restaurant.  Do you realize that there is an investment required to start any of those businesses?  Location purchase or rent, Location remodel, initial inventory, initial licensing, marketing, advertising, etc.  It could be $20k or it could be $500k, but an initial investment is non-negotiable.  Same thing goes for an online business, the good thing is, it is well below $20k.  Depending on the business model you want to operate, you might decide to buy into a program to follow, perhaps you need an email marketing tool, perhaps you need web hosting, you will most likely need to advertise somewhere to someone.  Much of this investment will be before you see a dollar in revenue, just be mentally ready with a budget in mind.  I would say for most, a budget between $2k and $5k is a good amount to start off with.

Why do I need a mentor you might ask yourself.  I am smart, I am savvy, I know I can do this on my own, and imagine how much I will save off the bat on my own with no program to buy.  BIG Mistake!  If you have a large budget and a lot of time, yes, you can do it on your own, and do it well.  However, most people will spin their wheels and never really do much of anything.  It is a losing proposition.  The internet is constantly evolving and so does internet marketing and affiliate marketing.  A mentor can share what is working now, and what is not working now.  They can give you a checklist of items complete so you can earn your first revenues, many times, in less than one week.  Working with a good mentor is a symbiotic relationship, they help you and in return you help them.  When you profit, they profit.  The best path for success, is truly the one that has already been blazed for you.

Wax On…Wax Off.  You all know the reference, or I just dated myself quite a bit.  Trust your mentor and the process.  What seems like menial work, or unneeded steps, are there for a reason.  There is no point in having mentor if you do not listen to your mentor, right?  Once you gain solid understanding and have some success, then you can step out and explore new ideas or methods that you want to try.  A mentor will take you up the learning curve on an escalator, rather than the stairs, and from there it’s your business to grow and develop.
Now I have had a number of mentors over the years, to varying degrees of success.  Sometimes things just don’t work out and sometimes it all comes together.  I currently consider John Crestani as my most influential mentor.  Why?  It’s simple.  He is passionate about internet marketing and he has built his business, himself, from scratch into a multi-million dollar company.  He knows what he is doing and he has proven that time and time again.  Our partnership based on when I make money, he makes money.  He wants me to succeed.  His program, the Super Affiliate System, is now in its 3rd revision.  Most programs go stale and are never modified past their initial release.  In a fast paced internet world marketing trends and techniques change and you need to know that.

In addition to learning how to market your product or service, the Super Affiliate System teaches core skills of copy-writing, data analysis and research.  The program provides nearly $900 of free advertising credits on the largest advertising platforms around.  Super Affiliate System will show you how to market any product or service, including your own.  If you don’t have a product or service of your own to market, then you can market the Super Affiliate System yourself.  Thus, when you profit, John Crestani profits and that is his driving factor to ensure your success.  As such, tested and proven pre-sale web pages and sales funnels are provided to you.  Live weekly trainings are held and active forums and facebook pages are also there to help.
John Crestani. Photo: Melly Lee
Now I must warn you, John has a unique style.  Once you get over the beard and the hair, and listen to what he says, you will realize that this is it.  This is the person and the program to be the mentor that guides you up the escalator of the learning curve to success. 
Are you here to waste time, or are you here to start something awesome.   I figured as much.   Now click the button below and learn more from John about the Super Affiliate System.  Enter your email on the popup form and I will throw in a surprise that will give you a head start.
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Sometimes we need to see proof.  I understand.  A few of his students offered their testimonial. 

FYI.  Internet JetSet is an original name of the program before the name was changed to Super Affiliate System…
Gabi's First Sale!
Tyler is Crushing It!
Carlos Valiente - $100,000+ Per Year!
Jonas - First Commission First Day!
All Your Information is Protected When You Sign Up
Important note from John.  Now, these case studies are very exciting.  We share them because it's important to see that others actually are following and are successful using the program that John founded, and to see that it is indeed possible.  In today's world, EVERYONE is trying to sell you something, and they will make false and ridiculous claims that you can just press a few buttons and start making money.  That is not how this works.  These specific customers of Johns's worked extremely hard, and were dedicated to reaching success.  Yes, they followed John's program, but it's not 100% of WHY they were successful.  We do our best to make sure everyone has a shot of making it, but the truth is, like everything else in life, there is a lot more involved than just a step by step program.  These people are special in that they reached their goals, but this doesn't mean you will.  We've done our best to give you every asset we can to help you reach your goals, but only you are responsible for your success or failure with the program.  We could just put "results not typical" here in really small text, but we think it's our job to make sure you understand that to reach your goals YOU will have to work hard, learn a lot, and execute the program.  We're here to help, and we look forward to working with you!
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